Search Engine Roundtable Sponsorship Opportunities

Reach sophisticated internet marketers with high-impact creatives, 100% share of voice links and ultra low CPMs. Keep reading for limited time Charter Rates!

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Sophisticated internet marketing professionals read Search Engine Roundtable for a intelligent digest of what's happening on leading marketing forums. Each day, the editors sift through hundreds of forum posts to deliver SER readers an authoritative digest of the latest news and opinion. Reach your future customers while they are engaged in professional development and receptive to learning about product and service solutions.

Search Engine Roundtable readers...

* More than 3 of 4 are purchase decision makers
* Buyers: paid search (90%), analytics (80%), organic SEO (77%), keyword research tools (70%), PPC management solutions (36%), display/banner advertising (34%), e-mail distribution solutions (34%)
* 1/3 spend more than $500,000 annually on internet and search media for their clients and companies, nearly one-in-five spends more than $2 million annually!
Source: Search Engine Roundtable Audience Survey

Search Engine Roundtable Sponsor Program


Search Engine Roundtable's Exclusive Sponsorship Program is an effective and economical sponsorship that delivers outstanding value. The sponsorship includes:

* One month exclusive; 100% share of voice
* 300 x 250 ad unit, one per page
* 728 x 90 ad unit, one per page

One Month Exclusive/Flat Rate: $5,000

All sponsorships are accepted for this limited-availability program on a first-come, first-served basis. Rates are net and subject to change. Option to renew will be at then-effective rates. Third Door Media reserves the right to refuse campaigns/creative it deems inappropriate.

Creative Specifications:


* 300x250, 35K limit, looping limited to 3.
* 728x90, 25K limit, looping limited to 3.
* Search Engine Roundtable Sponsor Links are limited to 50 characters and may not exceed one line.

Please contact us for more information and pricing.

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