Google SGE Gift Ideas, Generate Images For Apparel & Men's Virtual Try On

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Robot Trying On Clothing Google

Google announced some new Search Generative Experience (SGE) features for shopping, including gift ideas, generating images for apparel purposes, and more virtual try-on features. Google wrote, "Today we're expanding our virtual try-on tool to men’s tops, available starting today on mobile. And we're introducing new ways to shop for gift ideas and fashion using generative AI in Search."

You can try it out in Google Search Labs at to try them out.

SGE Gift Ideas

Google SGE can show you AI-generated gift ideas for any topic or category. Google wrote it is "rolling out a new capability within SGE to help holiday shoppers more easily get inspired and that perfect holiday gifts."

Google will show you see links to content from publishers so you can click through to a website to learn more about a product or gifts category.

Here is how it works:


AI-Generated Appearal Images

Google SGE will soon allow you to generate photorealistic images for apparel based on your query. You can then use those AI generated images to shop products based on those images. Google said, "AI-powered image generation for shopping, we’re connecting our image generation technology with 35 billion listings in Google’s Shopping Graph to help you find the style you’re looking for."

Here is an example of the jacket styles it can create:

Google Sge Jacket Ai Generation

Google said this is rolling out on mobile in the U.S. starting in December.

Expanding Virtual Try On

Google is also expanding its virtual try on feature for Men's tops. Google said "when you search for men's tops in the Google app or from any mobile browser and soon, desktop, in the U.S., you will see results from hundreds of brands — like Abercrombie, Banana Republic, JCrew and Under Armour — with a "try-on" icon.

Click on the result to see how that piece of clothing looks on a real model who you think looks most like you. You can select from 40 models ranging in skin tone, body shape, height and size so you can make a more "confident decision," Google wrote.

HEre is how it works:


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