Search Engine RoundtableA well-rounded view on search engines and search engine marketing from five segments of the Web population represented by senior members of the major SEO/SEM forums on the Internet./en-usBarry SchwartzFri, 01 Dec 2023 08:01:00 -0500en-usnoSearch Engine Roundtablesearch,search,engines,google,yahoo,ask,com,microsoft,live,com,adcenter,adwords,adsense,ypn,barry,schwartz,search,engine,roundtableThe Pulse with Barry Schwartz and co-hosts Ben Pfeiffer and Chris Boggs covers search topics that receive the most buzz from within the search community. Each Tuesday, The Pulse will recap those important search topics in a roundtable style format, allowing the hosts to debate and argue some of the latest trends and stories in the search industry.Search Pulse from the Search Engine RoundtableBarry Schwartzbarry@rustybrick.comBarry SchwartzSearch News Buzz Video Recap: Google Core Update Done Followed By Intense Search Volatility, New Structured Data, Google Ads Head Steps Down & 20 Years Covering Search/video-12-01-2023-36483.htmlFri, 01 Dec 2023 08:01:00 -0500/video-12-01-2023-36483.html Google's November 2023 core update finally finished rolling out this week, and it was the longest core update rollout. Then, a day later...Search Buzz Video Round (Barry Schwartz)20 Years Covering The Search Industry/20-years-old-36424.htmlFri, 01 Dec 2023 07:51:00 -0500/20-years-old-36424.html 20 years ago tomorrow (December 2, 2003), I started this blog aimed at archiving some of the best discussions within the search marketing community...Blog (Barry Schwartz)Google Discover Showing Older Content Since Follow Feature/google-discover-older-content-follow-36461.htmlFri, 01 Dec 2023 07:41:00 -0500/google-discover-older-content-follow-36461.htmlTypically, Google Discover shows content that is less than a day old, but it can show content that is weeks, months, or even years old. However, typically, Google will show more recent content in the Discover feed. Well, that may have changed with the new Google follow feature.Google Search Engine (Barry Schwartz)Google Pay Accepted Labels In Google Search Results/google-pay-accepted-icons-in-google-search-36254.htmlFri, 01 Dec 2023 07:31:00 -0500/google-pay-accepted-icons-in-google-search-36254.htmlGoogle seems to be testing a Google Pay Accepted label or icon in the Google search results. This label has the super G logo followed by the words "Pay accepted" words next to search result snippets that support Google Pay and notate such in their structured data.Google Search (Barry Schwartz)Google May Be Testing Removing Cache Link From Search Results/google-testing-removing-cache-link-from-search-results-36481.htmlFri, 01 Dec 2023 07:21:00 -0500/google-testing-removing-cache-link-from-search-results-36481.htmlGoogle seems to be testing removing the cache link from the search result snippet about this result box. I am in a test where the cache link is no longer available but while trying it while signed out, it is there. So I suspect Google is testing removing the cache link option.Google Search (Barry Schwartz)Google Local Listing With "Serves Vegetarian Dishes" Justifications / Label/google-local-serves-vegetarian-dishes-36429.htmlFri, 01 Dec 2023 07:11:00 -0500/google-local-serves-vegetarian-dishes-36429.htmlGoogle is testing showing a justification (or label) for local restaurant listings within Google Search and Google Maps that says "serves vegetarian dishes" with a green leaf icon.Google (Barry Schwartz)Google Zurich Hosts Lego Robotics & Coding/photos/lego-robotics-coding-at-google-zurich-36441.htmlFri, 01 Dec 2023 07:00:00 -0500/photos/lego-robotics-coding-at-google-zurich-36441.html<img src="" style="max-width: 100%" alt="Robots At Google Zurich"/>Search Engine Photo Of The (Barry Schwartz)Daily Search Forum Recap: November 30, 2023/recap-11-30-2023-36480.htmlThu, 30 Nov 2023 16:00:00 -0500/recap-11-30-2023-36480.html<p>Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today, through the eyes of the Search Engine Roundtable and other search forums on the web...Search Forum (Barry Schwartz)Google Search Ranking Volatility - Is It The End Of Reviews Update?/google-search-ranking-algorithm-volatility-36479.htmlThu, 30 Nov 2023 08:01:00 -0500/google-search-ranking-algorithm-volatility-36479.htmlI am seeing some signs of some big Google Search ranking volatility and shuffling today. The core update just finished, so Google would say it is not the core update but the reviews update is still rolling out. Or maybe this new ranking volatility is unrelated to any confirmed update - I don't know.Google Search Algorithm (Barry Schwartz)Google Patent For SGE: Generative Summaries For Search Results/google-sge-patent-generative-summaries-for-search-results-36476.htmlThu, 30 Nov 2023 07:51:00 -0500/google-sge-patent-generative-summaries-for-search-results-36476.htmlGoogle has a published patent named "Generative summaries for search results" which is believed to be the patent behind the Search Generative Experience launch we saw earlier this year. This patent was filed on March 20, 2023 and approved on September 26, 2023 under the patent ID US11769017B1.Google Search (Barry Schwartz)Google Local Service Ads Add New Impression Metrics For Advertisers/google-local-service-ads-impression-metrics-36474.htmlThu, 30 Nov 2023 07:41:00 -0500/google-local-service-ads-impression-metrics-36474.htmlGoogle has added a few new impression metrics for advertisers using the Google Local Service Ads platform. This was spotted by Ben Turner who wrote on X that he is "seeing impression share metrics in selected Google LSA accounts." Google Ads (AdWords) (Barry Schwartz)Google Ads API 2024 Schedule/google-ads-api-2024-release-sunset-schedule-36475.htmlThu, 30 Nov 2023 07:31:00 -0500/google-ads-api-2024-release-sunset-schedule-36475.htmlGoogle has published its tentative schedule for the Google Ads API release dates and sunset dates for 2024. Google publishes this annually in order to "bring greater clarity to your planning cycle," the company said.Google Ads (AdWords) (Barry Schwartz)Google Now Doesn't Allow E-Juice Products In Ads & Shopping Listings/google-disallows-e-juice-ads-36478.htmlThu, 30 Nov 2023 07:21:00 -0500/google-disallows-e-juice-ads-36478.htmlGoogle has updated its dangerous product policy for both Shopping ads and free listings to list E-juice products as dangerous and thus not allowed to be advertised or listing in Google Shopping results, both paid or free listings.Google Ads (AdWords) (Barry Schwartz)Head Of Google Ads, Jerry Dischler, Steps Down After 15 Years/jerry-dischler-leaves-google-36477.htmlThu, 30 Nov 2023 07:11:00 -0500/jerry-dischler-leaves-google-36477.htmlJerry Dischler, who has been the head of Google Ads since 2020 and has been with Google for over 15 years is leaving his role within the company. Replacing Dischler will be Vidhya Srinivasan who was the VP/GM of Advertising.Google News & (Barry Schwartz)Google Home Style Speaker Podium/photos/google-home-speaker-podium-36440.htmlThu, 30 Nov 2023 07:00:00 -0500/photos/google-home-speaker-podium-36440.html<img src="" style="max-width: 100%" alt="Google Home Style Speaker Podium"/>Search Engine Photo Of The (Barry Schwartz)
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