Good morning, is a mobile search shakeup coming? 

Google Assistant is becoming more and more prominent across Google’s ecosystem. Now it’s poised to supplant Google voice search. Google has begun replacing the blue and red voice search microphone icon with Assistant’s icon on the home screen of Android handsets. “The difference is the multi-platform emphasis and the expanding capabilities of the Assistant, which is more conversational, and potentially transactional, (e.g. Duplex) than ordinary search,” reported Contributing Editor Greg Sterling. 

Why should SEOs — and  even SEMs — care about this? “Any distinction between the Assistant and what we might call ‘traditional mobile search results’ will probably disappear in the relatively near future,” Greg predicts. 

Have you received a notice from Google to “Remove ‘noindex’ statements from the robots.txt file” of your site? If so, you’re not alone. As of September 1, 2019, Google will no longer support the noindex directive in robots.txt, and you’ll need to implement one of the suggested alternatives Google provides.

We’ve got a lot more for you below, including a Pro Tip on setting up cross-domain tracking in GA the right way. 

Ginny Marvin

Pro Tip

Here’s how to set up cross-domain tracking in Google Analytics

“If you’re using the same Google Analytics account across multiple domains, you should enable cross-domain tracking to ensure that users are being tracked properly when going from one domain to another. Otherwise, they’ll be seen as separate visitors to each domain,” explains Tim Jensen of Clix Marketing.

“First, under ‘More Settings’ for your GA variable, open the ‘Fields to Set’ section. Type ‘allowLinker’ for Field Name and ‘true’ for Value. Next, further down in the ‘More Settings’ options, click the ‘Cross Domain Tracking’ dropdown. In the ‘Auto Link Domains’ field, insert all domains you’d like to track, separated by commas. If you’re using a form that takes a user to another domain upon submission, you’ll also want to choose ‘True’ in the ‘Decorate Forms’ dropdown. Save the variable and submit to push live. You should now see unified reporting across domains, eliminating duplication of user counts if the same people visit multiple sites with your GA tag.

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Search Shorts

Good old fashion SEO advice.

Inches or “. Google’s John Mueller said there is no real difference for SEO purposes between writing “inches” or using the inch “ symbol in your content.

Best URLs. Google will just pick your best URLs to index when looking at your XML sitemap file says Google’s John Mueller.

Hidden URLs. When using the Google removal URL tool, it just hides the URLs from the search results, it doesn’t remove those URLs from Google’s index.

Be in control. Host your own website on your own domain, you need that control. Google’s John Mueller wrote on Twitter “I’d strongly recommend hosting your website on your own domain name, if you can. That gives you control for the long run, and lets you move to other platforms if you wish. It’s a small investment, and it gives you many options for the future.”

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