How To Choose The Right Social Media Networks For Your B2B Business

One of the most important steps in launching a successful social media campaign is choosing the right platform to connect with your audience. For B2B firms, where the social interactions and buyer relationships are more complex than in many B2C contexts, this is especially true. The benefits of social media marketing include brand awareness, building […]


How Online Retailers Can Leverage Unique Identifiers & Structured Data

Ever since the Hummingbird update, there has been a ton of Internet buzz about entity search. What is entity search? How does it work? And what exactly is an “entity”? However, the topic of entity search as it relates to e-commerce and Google Shopping has been neglected. Everything you have learned to date about entity […]

Analytics & Conversion

The Lost Art Of Social Sharing Buttons

Sharing buttons are no doubt one of the best ways to get your content shared via social media, email and other online channels. However, while many website owners agree that sharing buttons are a good thing, not everyone agrees on how to implement them. There are several ways to optimize these buttons to increase your […]


How To Attribute Comparable Value To Search & Social Campaigns

The rapid growth of social media has meant that search engines now invest a significant amount of time into innovating how content discovery works on the Web. Recent projects such as Facebook Graph Search and the growth and adoption of Google+ signify the developing relationship between search engines and social media platforms. Search engines are increasingly using […]


How Local Businesses Can Leverage New Facebook & Foursquare Features

Recently, Facebook and Foursquare announced new features that will drastically change the ways local businesses leverage the social networks to build customer loyalty and drive new sales. With Facebook, the introduction of Graph Search provides businesses with greater incentive to invest time and effort in their presence on the site so they can appear among the […]


77 Percent Of Online Health Seekers Start At Search Engines [Pew Study]

Although there’s long been a debate over the accuracy of health information online, many U.S. Internet users aren’t hesitant to use the Web when they want answers to health-related questions. And rather than dedicated health sites, the vast majority of them begin their research at a search engine. A new study out tonight from the […]


What Does Google+ Add To The Social Graph?

Is there anything else that this week’s column could have been about? After months & months of rumours, leaks, presentations and high-profile talent grabs, Google finally launched its Facebook competitor™*. After the farce that was Wave, and the let-down that was Buzz, Google+ seems to be Google’s big push to date to get into social. […]


Social Profiles: It’s Quality, Not Quantity

A couple of weeks ago, I spoke at the excellent SMX Sydney conference. As usual, it was a great show with any number of fantastic speakers. Before my last session, I was preceded by the also very excellent Rand Fishkin from SEOmoz; his presentation on Social Media For SEO was, as with most of his content, must-have […]


5 Social Marketing Predictions For 2011

Another year is almost over. The Christmas Number 1 song has been decided (in the UK at least); the web has proved that even after a brutal recession, people still need to shop; and, after a year in which Facebook & Twitter became (if they weren’t already) true phenomenons, we had the interesting experience of watching […]

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