‘The View’ discusses dating someone you disagree with politically


<pAre relationships better when we share the same political perspective as our partner? "The View" co-hosts weighed in on a new dating app exclusively for Trump supporters.

<pThe Donald Daters app was launched Monday with the aim of allowing pro-Trump singles to meet each other "without bias, judgment, or liberal intolerance."


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<pAbby Huntsman said "it's not easy" to be a single conservative in the dating world — she shares what she's been told by her conservative friends about their experiences.

<p"They say when they go out on a first date, they … have to make up what they do or who they voted for, what their political views are. When they do express what they are, they don't get a second date," Huntsman said.

<pSunny Hostin countered, "Why can't they just date each other?"

<pHuntsman believes that's a bad idea: "What if at this table, everyone said the same thing, thought the same thing — I don't want to live in that world!"


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<pWhoopi Goldberg said that only being close with people we align with politically is "restrictive" and that we can "learn something" from people who disagree.

<p"Maybe some of the things you feel, I can see. And some of the things I feel you can see,” said Whoopi.

<p"You can love people who think differently, you can love people who look different, you can love people who are nothing like you," Goldberg said.

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